Vici Gaming travels to Poland

We can finally confirm the eigth participant of the RaidCall EMS One DOTA2 Finals: The Chinese top-team Vici Gaming will travel to Poland this weekend!

We are extremely happy that Vici Gaming managed to receive their visas on such short notice, and are looking forward to welcome the runner-up of our Chinese qualifier in Tychy – the team's recent results prove that they will certainly be a title contender at our $35,000 event. 


While we were trying to sort things out with Team DK, Vici Gaming had already gathered all necessary documents and came to us with confidence that they would be able to go to Poland despite having only a few days to apply. We provided them with all the additional documents they needed and it is great to see that our combined efforts paid off.


Group A


Group B



 Natus Vincere    Alliance    
 Vici Gaming    Fnatic    
 mousesports    StarTale    Team ONE    


Statement by VG|HunTeR, team manager:

"This is our first time to go abroad and we are very excited to play with Na`Vi, Alliance and other world top teams. This time we come here, not only to fight for ourselves, but also for all of our Chinese teams. We want to prove that VG is one of the best teams in the world and we have confidence that we will have good results in the EMS. Please look forward to our performance!"


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