The Fall 2013 groups were drawn

The RaidCall ESL Major Series One enters its next stage! Europe's best teams will face each other in three groups – with the top 2 advancing to the highly anticipated $35,000 LAN finals.

As announced previously, one team per group was invited to the group stage: Our reigning champion mousesports as well as the two The International 2013 finalists Alliance and Na`Vi. These teams are joined by the winners of the first three cups, followed by the winner of the fourth cup and the top 5 of the season ranking – teams that clearly proved that they deserve to be here. Without further ado, here is the result of our official group drawing:


Group A

30.09. – 02.10.2013


Group B

15.10. – 17.10.2013


Group C

21.10. – 23.10.2013

 Natus Vincere    Alliance    mousesports
 Fnatic    Flip.Sid3 Tactics    Team Empire
 ONE (ex-iNfernity)    Team Menace    ESFX PowerRangers
 4 Friends + Chrillee    against All authority    Team Property BB2


Group stage means: Every single match counts. It uses the double-elimination format, so each team needs to win two Best-of-3 matches in order to reserve a spot at the live event finals. Anything can happen – and it could very well be that one of the top favorites already suffers an early defeat. Be sure to cheer for your team to make it through! All matches will be broadcasted by Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson.


The first favorite already fell: didn't make it through the cup stage. Generally speaking, we have seen some great plays and unexpected results in the last four weeks. Gladly, our friends over at GosuGamers have created a video with some of the best highlights. Be sure to check it out!



Tomorrow, we will announce everything you need to know about RaidCall EMS One Americas – where one more participant of the DOTA2 Finals is going to be determined throughout the coming week. No less than 12 Best-of-3 matches are waiting for you before we head into the final Best-of-5. Stay tuned!


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