Road to Finals: Natus Vincere

As we get closer to the Fall 2013 finals of the RaidCall ESL Major Series One, we take a look at all the teams participating in them, starting with Natus Vincere.

Three Internationals, two times runner-up, one time champion. Natus Vincere is nothing if not consistent. They've been consistent throughout their entire Dota 2 careers in both offline and online events. With strong individual skill and great teamplay, Na`Vi's performance is that only few can ever achieve.



Dendi XBOCT Puppey Funn1k KuroKy
Dendi XBOCT Puppey Funn1k KuroKy
Alexander Dashkevich Clement Ivanov Gleb
Kuro Salehi Takhasomi
Mid Carry Support Offlane Support


Since the changes in the beginning of this year, with Funn1k and KuroKy joining the team, Na`Vi have looked almost unbeatable. Fan favourite Dendi, always showing of his incredible individual skill, is one of the strongest mid players in the world. Great mobility and reaction time are his main strengths, that's why you'll often see a Blink Dagger and a Forcestaff on him.


Carry XBOCT, the man you won't see for 20 minutes and then suddenly appears out of nowhere on an Anti-Mage yelling “I have finished farming” and “It's 3 AM”. Other times he'll be in early fights, taking on 2 players on his own and being victorious.


Mastermind Puppey is the one in the background pulling the strings. Choosing the correct heroes and making the hard calls in the game is what he excels at. You'll often times see him playing as Chen or Enchantress to make all other lanes fear his presence.


While XBOCT safely farms, Funn1k has a more difficult time on the hardlane, but he makes it look easy. Often times running a Clockwerk or a Bounty Hunter he not only makes sure he doesn't die but also helps his team with great initiations.


Last but not least, KuroKy supports his team in all their endeavours. Favouring Rubick and Nyx Assassin, he helps out his team with good ganks and a strong lane presence.


Natus Vincere has shown their dominance in the latests tournaments they've attended. Beating out Alliance twice in the finals of the WePlay season 2 and StarSeries season 5, their chances look great going into the offline finals of the RaidCall EMS One.


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