Road to Finals: Alliance

The winner of Group B was no surprise to many, as Alliance took down their opponents and earned the top spot in the group.

Champions of The International 2013 and many other tournaments, Alliance is a team that performs strong wherever they go, whenever they go there. Only created in April of 2013, Alliance is a relatively new organization but with some old dogs inside. With Akke and Loda, some of the most experienced players in competitive Dota, the all-Swedish lineup previously known as No Tidehunter has taken Dota 2 by storm and earned their spot on the Aegis of Champions.



s4 AdmiralBulldog Loda Akke EGM
Mid Offlane Carry Support Support


The individual play from each of Alliance's player is strong on its own, but when they combine their efforts and fight as a team it is a sight to behold. With some of the best coordination in the world, they win fights that they shouldn't win, while finding opportunities everywhere and still getting decent farm. Many point towards Alliance's lack of diversity in line-ups, specifically aiming towards AdmiralBulldog who would only be able to play three to four heroes. This “weakness” hasn't impacted them however because focusing on just him would open the field for the rest of the team.


Alliance's biggest opponents Na`Vi will also be attending the RaidCall EMS One DOTA2 Finals. Since The International, Alliance has been unable to defeat Na`Vi in the finals of both offline and online events. Will they be prepared for what the Ukrainian team brings to Tychy?


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