Flip.Sid3 last EU team to qualify

With the deciding match of Group B, Flip.Sid3 Tactics vs. Team Menace, the group stage of the RaidCall ESL Major Series One comes to an end. So far, five teams have already qualified for the LAN finals!

UPDATE: Flip.Sid3 Tactics, now known under the name Sigma.int, has been successful! The French-German team has defeated Team Menace a second time. In the first round, the Fins seemed to be on par, but Flip.Sid3 turned the game around. And now we finally know all six European finalists!

These five teams are Natus Vincere, Fnatic, Alliance, Team Empire and mousesports. They all proved that they deserve a share of our $35,000 prize pool by completing our qualification process. And with the sixth European team being determined today, the group stage of the EMS will find its conclusion. More details about the live finals event as well as the remaining participants will be announced soon. 


But first, we have the final Best-of-3 coming up: On one side, we have 7ckingMad, Sockshka, FATA-, paS and miGGel, who put up a great fight against Alliance in the winners' match, but lost with a score of 1–2. They already beat Menace the first time these two teams met in the group stage, but this doesn't have to mean anything. The Finnish two-time EMS Finals participants certainly shouldn't be underestimated.


This match will be brought to you by Travis 'Maut' Bueno, who already broadcasted our Americas qualification, going live at 20:00 CEST. Be sure to tune in!


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