Fall 2013 season brings back the EMS

The Dota 2 community is as thriving as ever, so time has come to resume the RaidCall ESL Major Series One: We can proudly announce that our Fall 2013 season is going to start on September 2nd, featuring a massive prize fund of $39,000. Week for week, you will get to see highly entertaining Dota 2 matches, with the best teams from Europe and other parts of the world eventually qualifying for the prestigeous LAN finals.

The EMS is open to all teams: To qualify for one of the four cups, you need to perform well in the A-Series and occupy one of the top spots in its Premier Division. Just sign up for the league, pick your favorite match dates and start competing! The amount of teams in our cups was decreased to 12 in order to increase the quality of the matchups – so, from now on, only the most deserving A-Series teams will get to be part of the EMS.


» A-Series: Your road to the EMS!


Taking into account that The International 2013 has caused quite some turmoil in the competitive scene, we will also allow some highly successful teams to participate in the RaidCall EMS One without going through the A-Series. In addition to that, three teams will skip the cup stage entirely, directly receiving a spot in the group stage. More information on the field of participants will be released at a later point in time. For now, we proudly present you our first Core Teams.


Core Teams

 aAa (ex-imG)
 Flip.Sid3 Tactics
 Team Menace (ex-rat)




Changes to the tournament format

Besides reducing the number of participants in the first stage of the tournament and allowing three top teams to directly join the group stage, there are a few other rule adjustments. First of all, the winner of each of the four cups automatically qualifies for the group stage and does not have to take part in other cups.

The three invited teams and the four cup winners will be joined by the top 5 of the cup ranking, once again forming three groups with four teams each. This time, our schedule will allow us to expand the group stage – and at the end of it, six European teams will make it to the LAN finals, where they are joined by two teams from other parts of the world.  

Speaking of the LAN finals, there is another noteworthy change: Instead of having a single-elimination bracket only, there will now be a group stage. The eight teams will be split over two groups and fight in a 
BO1 double-elimination format (commonly referred to as 'GSL system') to determine the top 4 who then advance to the playoff bracket. 


 Cup #1: 02.09. – 03.09.
 Cup #2: 09.09. – 10.09.
 Cup #3: 16.09. – 17.09.
 Cup #4: 23.09. – 24.09.
 Group A: 30.09. – 02.10.
 Group B: 06.10. – 08.10.
 Group C: 14.10. – 16.10.


The date and location of the finals will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned!



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