EMS Americas enters playoffs

The North and South American qualifier for the RaidCall ESL Major Series One is heading into its final stage: The group stage is over, and now we have four teams left in the battle for a spot at the DOTA2 Finals. Three of them are from the United States while For Sweet Revenge is the only South American representative still in the tournament.

With EG unexpectedly being defeated by the new team of Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho and Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev in the group stage, we now have what many expected to be the grand final scheduled as the first semi-final of the day: Dignitas vs. EG starts at 6 PM EDT (0:00 CEST).


After that match, we will have the Peruvians go up against T5, both more than eager to determine who is going to advance to the BO5 grand final tomorrow. Who will eventually be sent to Europe to compete at our $35,000 LAN finals? Tune in to find out! 


  • 6 PM EDT (0:00 CEST) –  Team Dignitas vs.  Evil Geniuses
  • 9 PM EDT (3:00 CEST) –  For Sweet Revenge vs.  Take Five


NESL TV will bring you all the matches live, commentated by Travis 'Maut' Bueno. Of course, you can also buy our RaidCall EMS One Fall 2013 DotaTV ticket which includes all matches from our Americas qualifier.


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