DK to represent China in Tychy

Team DK has qualified for the RaidCall EMS One 2013 Fall 2013 Finals. Beating Vici Gaming in the finals of the qualifier, they secured a paid trip to the $35,000 event.

While the beginning of patch 6.79 was rough for DK, they seem to have found a strong foothold and looks ready to take on the best. With Na`Vi, Alliance, Fnatic and more attending, they will have to put their best foot forward to defend China's honour at the season finals.


The qualifier had to be played in a pretty quick fashion to ensure that there would be enough time to handle all travel-related issues. Due to these time constraints, team played when they were available and there was no fixed schedule. This resulted in lack of streaming and other ways to follow the progress of RaidCall EMS One China. This is certainly not an ideal situation, and we would like to apologize if we disappointed people who would have loved to see the games.


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