Cup #4: It's all or nothing!

The last cup will decide the fate of many teams. 12 teams advance to the group stage – which ones will it be? From the remaining teams, no one can feel too safe. Well, except for the Serbian team ONE.

UPDATE2: ESFX PowerRangers turned out to be unstoppable, taking down both ONE and Team Menace without any serious difficulties. They now take home $500, having successfully paved their way to the group stage. If the PowerRangers continue to play like that, it could very well be that we will soon get to see them as one of the eight participants at the DOTA2 Finals, fighting for the big $35,000 prize pool.

UPDATE1: We have our group stage teams! There were no major upsets, so ONE, Menace, ESFX PR, 4FC, prOp and aAa go through, as expected. In tomorrow's semi finals, the rising stars from Belarus, ESFX PowerRangers, will take on Serbia's finest, ONE, and 4FC will play Menace in a Scandinavian showdown.

Be sure to take a look at the season ranking before we go live at 21:00 CEST. So far, the top spots are occupied by ONE, aAa, Menace, ESFX PR, 4FC and prOp – but this could change very soon. The two Swedish teams will already need to prove themselves in the first round: Team Property BB2 faces Bros4Lyfe, 4 Friends + Chrillee is matched with GamersLeague, which are both German-based.


Round two will be when things get serious. The winners of the aforementioned matches will go up against ESFX PowerRangers and against All authority respectively, while ONE is going to be challenged by the winner of WeMakeThat! vs. QWERT12345. Team Menace will play against the winner of RisK! vs. Somethingsomething. Will we see any upsets, or will the top 6 remain the way they are? Soon, we will find out!


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