Adjusted finals schedule

To accomodate the travel schedules of our participants, we have made the decisions to switch Group A and Group B. The groups remain untouched.

It is in our best interest to provide an exciting and action-packed tournament with as few delays and as little risk involved as possible. Some players only arrive in Poland on Saturday morning, so to avoid potential problems, our schedule has been changed: Alliance, Fnatic, StarTale and Team ONE now face off in the first half of the day, while Na`Vi, Vici Gaming, mouz and Sigma get to play in the evening. To keep things simple, Group B is now Group A, and vice versa.

At 11:00 CET, Alliance and Team ONE are going to face off – followed by Fnatic vs. StarTale.


Group A


Group B



 Alliance    Natus Vincere    
 Fnatic    Vici Gaming    
 StarTale    mousesports    
 Team ONE    



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